Intuitive Independence SS 17

Filled with good instincts
and passionate creativity,
her mind feels the moment
and expresses the mood.
A free-spiritedness that creates
a powerful language.


Model: Lize Feryn
Photographer: Felicia van Ham Photography
MUAH: Lily Glavan
Location: De Serre 
Shoes & Accessories: La Bottega Hasselt & HOTSPOT Hasselt

Alluring Era FW 16

 In absolute control of her life,
she is her own muse.
With a strong desire for tranquility,
strength and optimism,
she’s off in her own world.

Photographer: Felicia van Ham Photography
MUAH: Marlien Echelpoels
Location: Antwerpen
Shoes & Accessories: La Bottega Hasselt

Confident Chaos SS16
In the midst of busy journeys
we all get lost sometimes
to find ourselves anew
more confident than before
wearable stories shirt white   wearable stories dress print   wearable stories short and croptop
Model: Rosita Martorana | The Agent
Photographer: Stephanie Smeets
MUAH: Charlotte Bosmans | Ine Bongaerts 
Location: YUP Hotel

Untamed Temper FW15
Fierce, Aspiring, Ceaseless
She always puts herself in motion
Honouring her inner rebel
For whatever calls her soul
wearable stories knitwear   wearable stories silk dress   wearable stories knitwear
Model: Desiree Eleonora Viola
Photographer: Reginald Tackoen
MUAH: Charlotte Bosmans
Location: Studio Apart

Endless Spring SS15
Wandered all over the world
stranded in Bali
with endless spring vibrations
awakened by true life
wearable stories beachwear   wearable stories beachwear
Model: Nety Miyashita
Photographer: Masha Kuprianova
MUAH: Juno Pchelkina
Location: Bali