Our flagshipstores

Flagshipstore Hasselt
After several successful pop-ups stores, wearable stories has opened its first flagshipstore. We are now permanently located in the centre of Hasselt where you can find the entire collection.
Our address:
Dokter Willemsstraat 2
3500 Hasselt
Opening hours:
Monday: 11h-18h
Tuesday: 11h-18h
Wednesday: 11h-18h
Thursday: 11h-18h
Friday: 11h-18h
Saturday: 11h-18h
Sunday: Closed
Flagshipstore Antwerp
Our address:
Oudaan 15
2000 Antwerp
Opening hours:
Monday: 10h-18h
Tuesday: 10h-18h
Wednesday: 10h-18h
Thursday: 10h-18h
Friday: 10h-18h
Saturday: 10h-18h
Sunday: Closed
We love to welcome you in our new store. Let's create a new story together!