Every day, it seems like we hear more and more about the earth’s changing climate and pollution clogging our oceans. It can be overwhelming to say the least, especially because there is so little we can each do as individuals to help slow down the damage.

We can recycle cans and bottles, purchase organic food when possible, and bring our own bags to the grocery store, of course, but what can we do when it comes to the clothes we wear?



One of the easiest ways you can do your part to help is to consider the clothes you wear everyday. Many modern fabrics, such as polyester and other synthetic blends, are made with oil and chemicals, which can potentially harm the environment. A more sustainable choice is to look for clothes made with naturally occurring fabrics that undergo minimal processing, like cotton, silk, or wool. 


Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls Go Green


Not only are more natural fabrics more sustainable with regard to waste and minimal processing, they tend to look and feel better when you wear them.

On a warm summer day, a simple linen-blend dress like the Loranne allows the skin to breathe, keeping you cool and letting you enjoy the breeze while looking chic. When the weather gets hot, if you have the choice between wearing a simple, floaty linen or cotton dress versus a synthetic fabric, it’s a no-brainer!

Go with what lets you stay cool and feel free.



In addition to feeling good against the skin, sustainable fabrics survive the trends. Unlike “fast fashion” pieces, which tend to stay in style only a few months before falling out of favor, clothing made with sustainable fibers in classic, timeless cuts will last from year to year, letting you get amazing value from your purchase while always looking on-trend.


Freedom to Let Your Spirit Shine


One of the neatest things about purchasing and wearing sustainable clothing is that rather than following the latest trends — no matter how silly (hello, ultra-low jeans!) you can incorporate better-quality pieces that last year after year, and still look classic and cool. 

Rather than constantly conforming to whatever the new fad is that month, you can build a wardrobe that really reflects your personality — giving yourself the freedom to let your real style shine through all the glitz and fluff that comes with fast fashion. Plus, you can feel good knowing you’re staying true to your own style — and helping to reduce waste, as well!