Our Practices

Wearable Stories garments are designed in-house in Antwerp, Belgium. We believe in creating timeless, beautiful pieces you’ll enjoy wearing season after season. We source sustainable materials and work with ethical factories to ensure our garments are high-quality and made to last.

Wearable Stories is dedicated to promoting sustainability and making a positive contribution to our communities. We strive to utilize recycled and sustainably sourced, earth-friendly fabrics in our designs whenever possible. We work with production teams, designers, and manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability. Part of our story includes a commitment to being conscious of the environment, as well as the materials we use and the ways in which our designs come to life.

We believe we are all caretakers of the planet, and this means we’ll always do our part to act as responsible stewards and lessen our collective carbon footprint. Our contractors and partners do everything they can to follow environmental guidelines and minimize adverse effects on the natural environment.

Personal involvement in the manufacturing process is very important to us, which is why our pieces are made in small, local workshops in Portugal, Italy, Romania, and Poland. We know the producers and workers, and we visit with them on a regular basis.

Providing a fair, safe, and healthy work environment is a key part of our story. We ensure our contractors and producers follow all applicable labor laws and guidelines pertaining to employee well-being. We make sure that all of the talented craftspeople with whom we do business share our values when it comes to labor practices and working conditions.

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