Our Sources

Our garments are designed in-house, in Antwerp (Belgium), and that is something we are truly proud of.

WS is not about being big on trends, but about creating timeless pieces that you will enjoy wearing for years, and, even decades to come. 

We source the finest materials and factories for our garments to have the quality designed to last. 

Ethical sourcing is one of our core values.

Our commitment to it is straightforward: we only work with supply chain partners that adhere to our corporate responsibility standards .

Being fair is our second nature. As our commitment to being mindful and fair, we only work with: ethically sourced materials, and small-scale traditional garment workshops.

When it comes to manufacturing, personal contact and involvement are very important to us. Therefore, we only manufacture in the small welcoming workshops in Portugal, Italy, Romania and Poland that we personally know and visit regularly. 

We are driven by the following core values that we abide by every step of the way :

  • Be Transparent
  • Be Ethical
  • Be Compassionate
  • Be Conscious
  • Be Sustainable

And, we believe - this is the only sustainable way forward.

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