Our Sources

Wearable Stories garments are designed in-house in Antwerp, Belgium. We believe in creating timeless, beautiful pieces you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come. We source the finest materials and work with ethical factories to ensure our garments are high-quality and made to last

Ethical sourcing is one of our core values. Our commitment to transparent, ethical production is straightforward: We only work with supply-chain partners that adhere to our corporate responsibility standards.

Being fair is our second nature. As part of our commitment to being mindful and fair, we only work with ethically sourced materials and traditional, small-scale garment workshops.

When it comes to manufacturing, personal contact and involvement are very important to us. Our pieces are made in small, local workshops in Portugal, Italy, Romania, and Poland, where we know the workers, and we visit them regularly.

We are driven by core values that we abide by every step of the way:

  • Be Transparent
  • Be Ethical
  • Be Compassionate
  • Be Conscious
  • Be Sustainable
Commitment to Sustainability

Staying true to our roots is part of our mission statement at WS, and that means keeping up with our commitment to sustainability. We believe taking care of the earth and all its natural beauty begins with the individual, which is why we always do our part to act as responsible stewards, as well as help contribute to the overall cause of living green and reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Recycled fabrics, a more localised production line, and earth-friendly fabrics are just a few of the ways we try to pitch in. We hope you’ll join us in the sustainability revolution!

Sustainability is a Way of Living

Sustainability is a way of life for all of us at Wearable Stories. It’s not just about the clothes we wear, it’s about the way we approach life — thinking about how the things we do, the products we purchase, and the items we consume affect our communities overall — not just ourselves.

That’s why we are so happy to be able to not only work with production teams,designers and manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability, but to carry those values over into the way we work and the way we live.

We believe that protecting workers and providing a safe, healthy work environment is a key part of our story. That’s why we ensure that our contractors and producers always adhere to all applicable labour laws and guidelines to make sure employees are safe and well-treated.

Our values also include treating the environment with respect, which means that our contractors and partners do everything they can to follow environmental guidelines and minimise any adverse effects on the neutral environment.

That’s our story, and we hope you’ll join us on this mission toward environmental responsibility, fairness, and gratitude!

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