Our Materials

Wearable Stories is a brand based on quality without compromise. When designing our collections, we select gentle fabrics that evoke a wholesome feeling — making you feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident.

We also focus on durability and quality, creating a flattering fit you’ll want to wear again and again.

Our story is rooted in creating timeless pieces you’ll enjoy wearing for years — the kind of go-to favourites you reach for when you want to feel your best.

We want to design the staple pieces that become the building blocks of your wardrobe. That’s why we source the best materials from transparent sources and work with small-scale, local manufacturers with ethical production standards.

Our commitment to a sustainable production process is just one of the ways in which we honour our mission statement. We value a fair and responsible way of working, and that doesn’t just include our design process and sourcing of materials.

We also ensure that our workshops are fair and safe, and that all of the talented craftspeople with whom we do business share our values when it comes to labour practices and working conditions.

Our commitment to sustainability also extends to taking care to leave as little waste as possible, which is why we created our REPURPOSED line — giving old or discarded fabric a new life as beautiful denim designs created to last season after season.


We’re always looking for new ways to do our part when it comes to reducing waste and making our shared earth just a little bit greener. That’s why we’re proud of our REPURPOSED line. REPURPOSED uses extra or discarded fabrics to create beautiful, unique new pieces with all the style and comfort you know from Wearable Stories.

By repurposing excess fabric, we’re helping to reduce the amount of textiles that head to landfills every year. This means more chic choices for you, and a greener choice for the planet.

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