Wearable Stories's Standards

Corporate responsibility

Wearable Stories BV is committed to producing high quality products at a good value for our consumer. The Company is committed to legal compliance and ethical business practices in all of our operations, regardless of location. We require our suppliers and contractors to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country, or countries, in which they are conducting business. Our standards are as follows:


There shall not be any use or any form of forced labour, whether in the form of prison labour, indentured labour, bonded labour, or otherwise. Slavery and human trafficking are prohibited throughout the supply chain.


No person shall be employed at an age younger than 14 years, or higher if the country of manufacture requires compulsory education beyond 14 years of age.


Workers shall not be subject to any physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment or abuse in connection with their employment.


Employees must be compensated for hours worked, at rates that meet the national or local industry standards, whichever is higher. In addition to compensation for regular hours worked, workers must be compensated for overtime hours at legally mandated rates, or at a rate at least equal to the regular hourly wage. Employees must be provided with all legally mandated benefit


On a regular basis, employees shall not be required to work more than 60 hours per week, or the amount specified by the applicable labour code. Workers shall have at least one day of rest in every seven. Workers shall not be asked or required to take work home or off premises.


Contractors and suppliers must not discriminate against employees or potential employees in employment practices including hiring, wages, benefits, advancement, disciplinary procedures, termination or retirement, on the basis of gender, race, religion, cultural beliefs, age, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, political opinion, sexual orientation, maternity or marital status.


Contractors and suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working conditions and shall provide workers with a safe and healthy environment, including any company-provided living quarters or domestic facilities. All required health and safety permits shall be obtained and their operational and reporting requirements followed.

Suppliers shall identify and access potential emergency situations in the workplace and any company-provided facilities and minimize their potential impact by implementing emergency plans and response procedures. Supplier shall provide workers access to first aid, health, safety and hazard information. Suppliers must educate, inform and protect workers from workplace hazards.


Suppliers and contractors shall comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection and preservation of the environment and take appropriate actions to reduce adverse impacts on human health and the environment. All required environmental permits shall be obtained and their operational and reporting requirements followed. Suppliers are encouraged to reduce excess packaging and to use non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. Energy efficiency, resource conservation and waste minimization and recycling should be implemented during the product life cycle, packaging and transportation states.


Contractors and suppliers are required to comply with consumer product safety standards and requirements under laws administered by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.


Contractors that use corporal punishment, or any form of mental or physical coercion or harassment will not be utilized.

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