If you’ve ever struggled to find a pair of jeans that fits well, you know just how difficult it can be to find the perfect pair. It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears: one pair is too tight, one pair is too big, and it seems like it’s impossible to find a pair that’s just right! It can be frustrating to spend time in cramped store dressing rooms pulling pants on and off, but when you find a good match, it’s super satisfying — even though the search can seem endless. How do you find trousers and jeans in the right size for your body? Read on for a quick how-to on discovering pants and jeans that fit like a glove!


Outfit: DANAE plaid shirt & CARA flared jeans in dark grey



Different Brands, Different Sizes

One of the most frustrating aspects of shopping for jeans and pants is that there are a million different brands — and each one seems to have its own idea of what constitutes a size 6, 8, or 10! You may try on five different jeans, each labeled size 8 (or 10 in the UK, or 38 in the EU) and each one will fit differently. Some brands even fit as if they are a completely different size! 


There’s not much you can do about the way brands size their products. But what you can do is know your own measurements. For pants and jeans, you’ll need to measure your waist (around your belly button), your hips (at the widest part of your bottom), and your inseam (the length from your crotch to your ankle). When you’re armed with these numbers, you can be more confident about choosing which sizes to take into the dressing room (or add to your online cart). 


To be sure about sizes, read sizing guides carefully, and make sure the items you choose are returnable in case they don’t work out. 


INES trousers in bloodstone



Living in a Material World

Another part of shopping for jeans and trousers that can be challenging is navigating all of the different types of fabrics used to make them. Some brands and styles use a lot of synthetic materials to create a stretchy feel; others use plain old cotton denim, which means not only will the jeans shrink when you wash them, they won’t stretch much and will be pretty still while wearing. 

Which to choose? That’s all up to your personal preferences — if you like a little more give in your jeans, choose a pair made with lycra or other stretchy material; if you like a stiffer fit, pick up an all-cotton pair. For the best of both worlds, try the CARA grey jeans — with 2% lycra and 98% cotton, they’re a bit stretchy in all the right places, while maintaining their shape. A wide leg and snug waist follows this season’s trend toward retro wide-legged pants, and the grey color goes with everything in your closet. 


CARA flared jeans in dark grey


Bottom line? When you find a brand or style that fits you, make sure to buy more than one pair! Finding jeans and pants that fit just right can be hard, but when you discover that perfect pair, it’s like hitting the jackpot — and you can wear them forever.  


INES straight leg jeans in dark grey