Part of our story includes a commitment to being conscious of the environment, as well as the materials we use and the ways in which our designs come to life. That's why we are always transparent about our production process, including the local workshops where our pieces are made and the sources where we get our fabric.

It’s always been a top value of ours to create and produce all of our designs with fairness and integrity. We partner with workshops located in Europe — in Portugal, Macedonia, Italy, Romania and Poland — which we visit frequently. We know the talented craftsmen and women who produce our designs, and we make sure their working conditions are safe and sanitary.  



Commitment to Sustainable Practices and Materials

We believe that to be good stewards of the planet and the environment is to utilize the most sustainable materials and textiles possible. Our garments are made to last, minimizing impact on the environment and reducing fabric waste. We use natural, sustainable materials — like eco-conscious EcoVero, cotton, and linen, — whenever possible, and employ energy-and water-saving methods of production whenever we can.

At Wearable Stories, we think beautiful garments that are made to last year after year are always in style. That’s why our core values are:

  • Be Transparent
  • Be Ethical
  • Be Compassionate
  • Be Conscious
  • Be Sustainable