It might seem counterintuitive that knits are a great option for stylish spring fashion. Knitwear is often associated with cold winter days, when we have to add multiple bulky layers to stay warm — sweaters, leggings, and heavyweight dresses. While it’s true that knits can be a great way to stay snug throughout the chilly winter months, when worn the right way, knitwear can be a wonderful way to transition from winter to spring.

How to do it? Trade in your heavy sweaters and long johns for sleeveless shells, soft cardigans, and long, drapey pieces as light as air.



Easy, Breezy, and Oh-So-Soft


April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring uneven weather that can make springtime dressing a bit tricky. It might be warm in the morning when you head out to work, but by lunchtime, the wind has picked up and you could use an extra layer for your walk to the sandwich shop.

That’s why knitwear is such a great transitional option. Just pop on a light, bright cardigan to keep your shoulders covered, and you’re good to go! Try our cardigan in blue or beige for a soft neutral or pop of colour to go with any outfit and to keep warm on a breezy day. 


Cardigan in baby blue


Knits are also an easy way to add dimension, texture, and visual interest to any outfit. By incorporating an extra layer over your basic tee-and-jeans ensemble, you can stand out without a ton of effort or extra weight.


Cardigan in beige


The long LIPA cardigan, with its open weave and gentle drape, is the perfect addition to your workwear for spring, and also looks fantastic with shorts and a tank for weekend adventures. 


LIPA - Sleeveless cardigan in dark yellow 


Eye-Catching and Endlessly Versatile

Though they make great layers, knits are also great as standout pieces on their own. For a simple — yet eye-catching — weekend outfit, pair our LIES halter top in soft baby blue. With an intricate knit pattern and delicate feel, this top pairs perfectly with jeans and espadrilles or a simple skirt and sandals. Top it with your favorite blazer, cardigan, or denim jacket for added warmth, or leave shoulders bare to soak up the sun during brunch on the patio. 


LIES - Sleeveless knitted top in blue


The versatility and ease of knitwear makes it a favorite fabric year-round, whether you’re covering up or showing some skin. Whether it’s a classic cardigan or a soft, goes-with-everything top, knits can help you make an easy transition from one season to the next.