It’s cold outside, and as temperatures keep dropping during the winter season, everyone’s pulling out their snuggly sweaters, coziest jumpers and warmest workwear — anything to beat the chill! When it comes to winter dressing, what comes to mind for many people is boring, shapeless sweatshirts and bulky overcoats. But getting dressed for the cold weather doesn’t have to mean giving up looking good to be comfortable! 

By layering different shapes and styles, you can stay warm and still look fabulous. One option? The classic turtleneck. Turtlenecks are no longer just a way to keep warm. They're an easy choice for adding some sleek sophistication — and an extra layer against the cold — to any ensemble. Try mixing and matching complimentary colors for a new twist on a classic look! 

Need a few examples for inspiration? The Salma turtleneck in vibrant blue paired with the Martina sweater in wool and alpaca creates a complementary mix of azure hues that let you stand out — and stay warm. The new fashion rule is that there are no rules, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of colors, textures and fabrics to find the best way to express your wintertime style. 



Stay Comfortable All Day Long in Cozy, Versatile Layers


For a lighter option, layer the Teresa short-sleeved turtleneck in beige under the rich, chocolatey warmth of the Andra dress in cappuccino. Headed outside? Slip into the Jane coat for a neutral outfit that keeps you cozy all day long. Need a little extra warmth? Grab a cardigan, like the Chiara, to help combat the cold. You can add or subtract layers as you go through your day, but these easy layers ensure you’ll stay comfortable as you head from out the overheated office to the chilly walk to the tram.





Turtlenecks are an easy way to add warmth, but also add structure, style and interest to your ensemble. Even better, it’s easy to let your favorite jewelry take center stage, as the turtleneck provides an ideal backdrop for necklaces and helps frame the face to draw attention to earrings. Try layering an eye-catching necklace like Athene or Chania to add easy everyday glamor and interest to your favorite turtleneck. Or highlight your neck with the voluminous Aurora turtleneck sweater in striking bloodstone and the sparkle and shine of Malaga earrings. 



A Style for All Seasons and All Occasions


The classic turtleneck isn’t just for daytime or workwear. This functional favorite also works as an elegant evening look when matched with a curve-hugging skirt and understated jewelry. The Teresa turtleneck in rich blue — soft and luxurious in a silk, cotton, and cashmere blend — pairs perfectly with the Nova skirt for a festive holiday style that keeps you warm and comfortable. Add the Madrid earrings and gold bracelet in bloodstone to complete this easy holiday look. 



No matter how you style it, your favorite turtleneck can do double duty as a fashionable part of your closet as well as a wardrobe workhorse, keeping you warm and looking great all winter long