Everyone looks good with a bit of extra sparkle. Whether it’s a flash of color on the collarbone, a delicate bracelet around the wrist, or a shiny, dangly pair of earrings — like the Sevilla from Wearable Stories — jewelry is a big part of the way we express ourselves. Subtle or stunning, outrageous or understated, a good piece of jewelry can make — or break — an outfit. Well-placed pieces of dazzling gold or shiny silver can bring out everyone’s best features. 


Sevilla earrings in gold tone


But what colors and types of jewelry work best with your unique coloring? Many people use the “color wheel” theory to categorize coloring into four different seasons, which can help determine which colors look best for each unique skin, hair, and eye combination. Let’s take a look at the best jewelry options to suit different eye, hair, and skin tones. 


Determine Your Skin Tone


Before you can select the jewelry that’s most flattering to you, you have to figure out whether your skin tone is warm or cool. One easy way to do this is to hold a paper towel next to your arm. Do the veins in your wrist appear more blue in color, or are they more teal? A blue color means you have a cool skin tone, which would put you in the Summer or Winter category, whereas a teal color indicates you’re more warm, meaning Spring or Autumn.


For those with warm skin tones, it’s best to select gold jewelry, which complements rosy undertones. 


Madrid earrings in gold tone


If you’ve got blue undertones? You guessed it — silver is your go-to. 

Bilbao stud earrings in silver tone

Once you’ve selected the right metal, you can move on to jewels, stones, and other jewelry elements that are right for your hair and eye color.


Your True Colors


When it comes to what jewelry works best with your hair and eye color, once again, take a look at your hair’s undertones. Those with blonde, light brown, auburn, and dark black hair usually have cool undertones; people with honey-colored hair, caramel, or red typically have warmer undertones. Those with lighter eyes — light blue, brown, hazel, or green — can be categorized as Spring or Autumn; those with darker eyes — deep blue, brown, or black — lean more toward Summer or Winter. 


When it comes to jewelry, Winters and Summers should go for either deep, clear, and cool or light, soft and cool shades of stones and gems. These could include red stones, like this bloodstone bracelet from Wearable Stories, topaz, or diamonds. 


Bloodstone detailed bracelet in gold tone

Those with Spring and Autumn coloring would want to choose colors that are light, clear, and warm or deep, soft and warm. Some options here would be pearls, emeralds, or sapphires.

Of course, it’s always fun to mix it up! These guidelines are meant to help you highlight your best features. Choose jewelry that represents your mood and works with your outfit — and makes you feel your best!